We Specialize in Custom Dam Fabrications

Tainter Gates


Our tainter gates are used to control the flow of water or wastewater over a dam or drainage structure to provide a wide and unobstructed opening. 

Floating Log Booms


 Our floating log booms can be designed with different strengths, as determined by the strong back within, diameters, and floating freeboards.  

Sluice & Head Gates


 We have extensive experience with product development and field experience with water and sewage control gates that enables us to offer quality products at competitive prices.  

Custom Dam Fabrications


We are well known for our experience and expertise when it comes to custom dam fabrications.  All our welders are AWS – certified and follow the latest up-to-date weld procedures.  With our 15,000 sq. ft. in-house  facility and over two acres of land, we have the capability to handle any special custom dam fabrication for your project. 

Bulkheads and Floating Bulkheads


We have over 25 years of experience fabricating custom bulkheads and floating bulkheads for marine construction applications.  Our knowledge and expertise in custom marine fabrication make us uniquely qualified to provide you with the best solution for your project. 

Trash Racks


  We are an industry leader when it comes to trash racks.  That's because we not only manufacture trash racks and rakes in-house for our customers, we also can install them to ensure a seamless completion of any project.